Volvo - Making Memories. Hero

Making Memories - Mother & Daughter

Making Memories - Lovers

Making Memories - Granddaughter & Grandfather

Volvo – Making Memories. Gold ACS*

DOP. Joel Egan

Camera: Alexa Mini & Alexa Mini LF

Lenses: PV Spherical

Making Memories – A poetically beautiful narrative exploring loved ones reconnecting with nature.

Gold ACS Award. Commercials National & International 2022

Director / DP: Joel Egan
Producer: Alana Bohm
1st AC: Campbell James, Dorian Hiscock
Underwater Operator: Thomas Bronlow
Stills Photographer: Jayden Ostwald
Tracking: Richard Alladice
Stunt Driver: Davin Taylor
Drone & FPV: Flying Dragon
Production Designer & Wardrobe: Alana Bohm
Editor: Sam McCarthy
Colourist: Sam McCarthy
Sound Design & Final Mix: Windmill, Pip Atherstone-Reid
Camera & Support: Panavision Australia

Special Thanks: Shaneet and team Volvo Cars Melbourne, Greg Lloyd & Team Panavision Australia, Australian Stunt Management, Michael Clarke, Ted and Bella Egan

Story, The Mother & Daughter – Eleanor & Florence Webster.
Story, The Lovers – Bronte James & Fousseyni Sidibe.
Story, The Granddaughter and Grandfather – Abbey Clarke & Ted Egan.