Rival, The Story Of Australia’s No.1 Boxer Michael Zerafa, As Appeared on Campaign Brief.

Posted on May 14, 2020

Filmmaker and DP Joel Egan in collaboration with co-director Juzzy Kane, post house Manimal Post, tracking team Harpy Film Services, creative partner Blood UTD; with support from Panavision and Arri Australia have released ‘Rival’.

About the Project – Pre COVID-19
Conceived and shot Pre COVID-19 with post production completed during lockdown, ‘Rival’ is a story of inner belief and faith narrated and performed by Michael ‘Pretty Boy’ Zerafa, Australia’s No.1 middle weight boxer.

This bold, strong and emotive piece aims to raise the production standards of the boxing industry, whilst raising awareness for Australia’s next world title contender.

Say’s Joel Egan​, In these uncertain times, inspiring stories have the power to help people in everyday life. To have faith in the journey and humanity is to have freedom and I hope this story empowers people.

Honouring the Story & Bringing to Life Zerafa’s subconscious on screen
Looking back on the project with creative partners Blood UTD and co Director Juzzy Kane from Harpy, creatively it was always our intention to put the audience in the mind of Zerafa. We knew from working with high profile athletes that building out these worlds was going to be a challenge as ultimately you’re in the hands of constantly changing training schedules.

Say’s Joel Egan​, I enjoy high pressure shoots with ambitious schedules and setups, but I knew we’d have to set up a range of body double shots to fit in with Zerafa’s schedule. You just can’t ask an athlete who is literally training every minute of the day for the next fight of his life to give up multiple days. In the end, a combination of a one day shoot with Zerafa, and two half day shoots with talent and body doubles, to create the worlds of heaven and hell to portray Zerafa’s subconscious on screen rounded out production.

A big thank you goes out to all of the amazing talent, partners, crew and everyone involved in bringing this project to life. Look out for Joel’s next project with NBA Star Ben Simmons launching later in 2020.

Joel Egan resides in Sydney, originally from Melbourne, and is a Cinematographer / DP represented by Auscrew. For Freelance DP enquiries contact Auscrew, for filmmaking opportunities  please contact Joel Direct [email protected]​ or 0439113537.

Rival – Michael ‘Pretty Boy’ Zerafa, Australia’s No.1 middle weight boxer and world champion contender.

Starring Michael Zerafa, Boxing opponent – Kris Terzievski, Junior Boxers – Richmond Bagnall & Levi Spence-Elias

Direction: Joel Egan & Juzzy Kane
Cinematographer: Joel Egan
1st AC: Shawkat Husseini, Steven Abdilla, Jeon Patton 2nd AC: Shang Lienyang, Josh Williams
Runner: Nick Holland
Gaffer: Alexander Wilson
Lighting Provided by: Two Suns Lighting
Tracking: Harpy, MR T & Josh Labita (BTS Stills)

Handler: Paws On Film
Production Designer & Wardrobe: Harry Riede

Production Assist: Meg Tarrant
Continuity: Jack Byrnes
Post Production: Manimal Post
Post Producer: Kate Reynolds & Hannah Byrnand
Offline Editor: Emily Robb
Online & VFX: Ryan Brett
Colourist: Ryan Brett
Sound Recordist: Hugh Palmer
Sound VO Mix: Production Alley
Sound Design & Final Mix: Windmill, Pip Atherstone-Reid

Creative Partner: Blood UTD
Art Direction: Tom Douglas
Camera & Support: Panavision Australia
Special Thanks: Steve Stenborg North Melbourne Boxing Gym, Adam Hunter Two Suns Lighting, Greg Lloyd & Team Pavavision Australia, Monster and Bear Studio & Arri Australia.

Article First Published in Campaign Brief